Extended Deadline: Special Issue on Women’s Participation in the Digital Economy and Digital Society

The deadline for submissions has been extended to 14 February 2023.

Prospective authors are invited to submit papers to the Journal of Telecommunications and the Digital Economy for a special issue on Women’s Participation in the Digital Economy and Digital Society. The Journal is indexed by Scopus and rated Q2.

Revised important dates now are:

Manuscript submission: February 14, 2023
Acceptance notification:
March 31, 2023
Revised manuscript due:
April 30, 2023
In JTDE, volume 11, issue 2, June 2023

Papers may discuss and analyse issues related to women in the digital economy and society, and their relationship with emerging technologies and innovation. Academic contributions from the Social Sciences, Computer Sciences or Management are likely to be most relevant. Case studies that evaluate industry programs to support or include women would be welcome.

After a double-blind peer-review process, papers accepted for this special issue will be published on the JTDE website and in the Journal of Telecommunications and the Digital Economy – volume 11, issue 2, June 2023. There are no publication charges.

Guest Editors

Dr Barbara Pisker
Polytechnic in Požega, Croatia
Johanna Plante
Former Austel/ACMA Member & Telstra Executive, Australia
Dr Željko Pavić
University of Osijek, Croatia
Dr Hareesh N. Ramanathan
Cochin University of Science and Technology, India


The aim of this special issue is to provide global, cross-cultural insights into the role, position and participation of women in the digital economy and society, in order to highlight current practices and trends; and to enhance and empower women’s managerial, organizational and societal capacities.

Industry case studies that evaluate the effects of the transformative processes that businesses and their stakeholders are pursuing to upgrade overall economic and societal gender equality would be particularly welcome. By bridging the digital divides and enabling equal access, usage and participation for different social groups, digital technologies can bring new pathways for common wellbeing and prosperity.

The expansion of digital inclusiveness supports open and transparent practices within different social environments, spreading transparency, empowering democracy and liberalism, and consequently strengthening innovation and development.

Topics of interests for submission include, but are not limited to:

  • Theoretical, historical, cross-cultural, educational and comparative aspects and perspectives of ICT-sector gender imbalance
  • Successful industry case studies of women’s inclusion ICT and reduction in gender bias in digital products
  • Research on barriers to women’s participation in digital society related to: Digital Glass Ceiling, Digital Glass Elevator/Escalator, Digital Glass Cliff/Wall/Sticky Floor, Digital Gender Pay Gap
  • ICT social, political and institutional gender practices: Infrastructure, Equipment, Policies. Interdisciplinary aspects of gender-imbalanced ICT environments. Gender-segregated professional environment career and mid-career exodus.
  • ICT Gender culture and Gender biases encoded in professional culture such as:
  • Popular culture and ICT culture. Stereotypes and social image in ICT (nerds and hackers)
  • ICT culture language, cultural dynamics and forms
  • Images of women in mass media and computing
  • Gender bias in artificial intelligence and decision-support systems
  • Women’s experience in the computing workforce. Women role models in the ICT sector. Gender-conditioned gaming industry. Gender-related image of self and others in virtual reality.
  • Availability and use of broadband infrastructure by women – barriers to use and solutions to approve accessibility

Authors are welcome to discuss their potential submissions with the guest editors before committing to a full manuscript. Editors can be contacted through the JTDE website.

Writing for the Journal:

The Journal of Telecommunications and the Digital Economy accepts papers on a wide range of topics related to technology and services in support of the digital economy and digital society.

Papers that describe novel developments – whether existing or envisaged – and their benefits are particularly welcome. Papers should be written for readers who are educated and well informed but are not necessarily expert in the relevant field of research. Technical jargon should be avoided or clearly explained. Authors should be careful to situate their work within the context of the digital economy and digital society.

Papers should be about 4,000–5,000 words in length, excluding references.

Paper Submission

  • Prior to paper submission, you are required to register through the JTDE website: https://jtde.telsoc.org/index.php/jtde. Please ensure that your name, email address and affiliation are correctly inserted.
  • Submission of your paper must be done electronically through the JTDE website: https://jtde.telsoc.org/index.php/jtde.
  • Papers must be submitted in JTDE format. Please be careful to follow the checklist and author’s guidelines available at: https://jtde.telsoc.org/index.php/jtde/about/submissions.
  • When submitting your paper, choose “Special Issue Digital Women” as the section of the Journal. You will receive an email notification when your paper has been successfully submitted.

Any further inquiries can be directed to the Managing Editor at editor@jtde.telsoc.org.