The Journal of Telecommunications and the Digital Economy, vol. 11, no. 1, March 2023 is now available on the JTDE website.

It includes a number of important papers, published in the Special Interest section:

  • A paper on Australian Aboriginal responses to the construction of the Overland Telegraph Line in 1872.  This paper brings an important new perspective to this foundational event in Australian communications history.
  • The 2022 Charles Todd Oration, delivered by the Hon. Michelle Rowland, MP, Minister for Communications.  Her speech outlines issues and priorities for the Australian government.

In addition, as usual, we publish papers on a wide variety of topics. There are two (2) further papers on Public Policy -- from Australia and Indonesia.  The Digital Economy section also contains two (2) papers. There is one (1) paper in the Telecommunications section concerning planning for 5G mmWave networks.  We also publish a tribute to a telecommunications personality in the Biography section and reprint a paper from 1965 in the History of Telecommunications section.

TelSoc members may wish to access the Journal on the TelSoc website.  It will be available there shortly.

We welcome contributions on Telecommunications and the Digital Economy.