Published: 2018-03-30

The first issue of the Australian Journal of Telecommunications and the Digital Economy for 2018. All papers are peer reviewed and a similarity score search is used to ensure the papers are suitable for publication. Papers are now published continuously.


Telecommunications Consumer Protections Are Vital

Mark A Gregory (Author)
Abstract 385 | 150-Article Text-PDF Downloads 18 | DOI

Page ii-iv

Public Policy

Australian Broadband Regulation Reviewed

Troy Sidney Barry (Author)
Abstract 364 | 131-Article Text-PDF Downloads 16 | DOI

Page 134-155

The National Broadband Network

Leith H Campbell, Sascha Suessspeck, Kerry Hinton (Author)
Abstract 464 | 141-Article Text-Revised-PDF Downloads 14 | DOI

Page 1-25



Behind the Legend

Jim Holmes (Author)
Abstract 253 | 148-Article Text-PDF Downloads 14 | DOI

Page 107-114

The Weatherman from Greenwich

Leith H Campbell (Author)
Abstract 313 | 147-Article Text-PDF Downloads 15 | DOI

Page 115-117

History of Telecommunications

‘And Now the Biography’

Denis Cryle (Author)
Abstract 253 | 143-Article Text-PDF Downloads 12 | DOI

Page 84-106

Vale Roger Banks: A Tribute

James R. Holmes (Author)
Abstract 324 | 146-Article Text-PDF Downloads 12 | DOI

Page 60-66