Special Issue on Digital Technologies and Innovation

All participants of ICDEc 2021 and all members of the ICDEc community are invited to submit papers to the Journal of Telecommunications and the Digital Economy for a special issue on Digital Technologies and Innovation. The Journal is indexed by Scopus and rated Q2 by the SCImago Journal Rank.

This special issue is edited in collaboration with the chairs of the sixth edition of the International Conference on Digital Economy: Emerging Technologies and Business Innovation (ICDEc 2021, July 15-17, 2021, Tallin, Estonia). The editors invite the community of researchers from Computer Science and Management fields to submit papers that discuss issues related to digital economy, emerging technologies, and innovation.

After a double-blind peer-review process, papers accepted for this special issue will be published on the JTDE website and in the Journal of Telecommunications and the Digital Economy – volume 10, issue 2, June 2022.

Guest Editors

Dr Rim Jallouli
University of Manouba

Dr Gunnar Piho
Tallin University of Technology

Dr Mohamed Anis Bach Tobji
University of Manouba

Dr Hamid Mcheick
Université du Québec à Chicoutimi

Important Dates:

Manuscript submission January 31, 2022
Acceptance notification March 15, 2022
Revised manuscript due April 15, 2022
Publication Early publication on the JTDE website (volume 10, issue 2, June 2022)


The aim of this special issue is to provide insights about the use of digital technologies in order to enhance managerial, organizational and societal innovations.

More specifically, this special issue focuses on the transformation of the processes that firms, organizations and societies in general are pursuing ultimately to create economic and societal added value with the integration and implementation of a large variety of digital technologies such as Artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, Blockchain, Cloud Technologies and Big Data.

The adoption of digital technologies deeply transforms how businesses operate in fields such as Education, Health, Transportation and Public Services.

Topics of interests for submission include, but are not limited to:

  • Research in ICT, Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Computing, Blockchain, Internet of Things, Virtual Reality, Mobile Technologies, and other technologies contributing to the development of e-business and the digital transformation of private and public organizations.
  • Areas related to Big Data, Data Science and visualization techniques providing insights in business and information management.
  • Digital Transformation and its effect on corporate strategy, investment decisions, and all corporate functions, namely:
  • The Fin. Tech. field as a rapidly expanding field depending on technologies enabling decision-making at the company level and in financial markets.
  • Digital and transformative Marketing and its subfields, such as SEO, social media data analytics, user experience and Omni-channel management.
  • E-learning and cloud education: The use of learning platforms, online courses and certifications have gained unprecedented interest in both academic and professional contexts, especially with the confinement imposed by COVID-19. Several sub-fields of research are involved, such as Digital Business models, Information Systems, Cloud Technologies, Security, Human Machine Interaction and Deep Learning.
  • E-health: COVID-19 pandemic has been a favorable context for the expansion of research and innovation in areas such as:
  • Telemedicine, Virtual Communities and Wellbeing, Contactless Technologies and Computer Security.
  • Topics related to data treatment and sharing in real time for a global integrated management of the crisis.

Writing for the Journal:

The Journal of Telecommunications and the Digital Economy accepts papers on a wide range of topics related to technology and services in support of the digital economy and digital society.

Papers that describe novel developments – whether existing or envisaged – and their benefits are particularly welcome. Published papers in ICDEc proceedings should be extended at least by 30%. Papers should be written for readers who are educated and well informed but are not necessarily expert in the relevant field of research. Authors should be careful to situate their work within the context of the digital economy.

Papers should be about 4,000–5,000 words in length, excluding references.

Paper Submission

  • Prior to paper submission, you are required to register through the JTDE website: https://jtde.telsoc.org/index.php/jtde. Please ensure that your name, email address and affiliation are correctly inserted.
  • Submission of your paper must be done electronically through the JTDE website: https://jtde.telsoc.org/index.php/jtde.
  • Papers must be submitted in JTDE format. Please be careful to follow the checklist and author’s guidelines available at: https://jtde.telsoc.org/index.php/jtde/about/submissions.
  • When submitting your paper, choose “Special Issue ICDEc” as the section of the Journal. You will receive an email notification when your paper has been successfully submitted.

Any further inquiries can be directed to the Managing Editor at editor@jtde.telsoc.org.