Assessing Australia’s Progress towards a National Digital Communications Strategy at December 2022

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TelSoc Broadband Futures Group


Digital Communications Strategy, Telecommunications Policy, Australia


This report, prepared by a working group of TelSoc, examines the progress during 2022 towards a national Digital Communications Strategy in Australia, using TelSoc’s report on the need for such a strategy, first published in 2020, as a basis for the dimension upon which progress might be measured. TelSoc made a similar assessment of progress in 2021. The progress assessment is an important public statement that reflects TelSoc’s beliefs in reporting and accountability in this important area of public policy.



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Holmes, J., Burke, J., Campbell, L., & Hamilton, A. (2020). Towards a National Broadband Strategy for Australia, 2020-2030. Journal of Telecommunications and the Digital Economy, 8(4), 192–269.