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The Journal of Telecommunications and the Digital Economy (JTDE) is an international, high quality, peer reviewed journal, indexed by Scopus and Google Scholar, covering innovative research and practice in Telecommunications, Digital Economy and Applications. The mission of JTDE is to further through publication the objective of advancing learning, knowledge and research worldwide.
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The Journal of Telecommunications and the Digital Economy is seeking new Section Editors for its Telecommunications Section.  This is a major part of the Journal.  We seek one or, preferably, two new Section Editors.

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Current Issue

Vol. 12 No. 1 (2024)

Published: 2024-03-27

The first issue of the Journal of Telecommunications and the Digital Economy for 2024, published in March 2024.  This issue contains a Special Issue section on “Emerging Technologies and Innovation for Digital Economy and Transformation”.

All papers are peer reviewed and a similarity score search is used to ensure the papers are suitable for publication. Papers are now published continuously. There are four issues per year.


Editorial: A Special Issue

Leith H. Campbell (Author)
Abstract 46 | 948-PDF-v12n1ppv-vi Downloads 17

Page v-vi

Special Interest

Growing Australia’s Creative Industry

Kris Maric, Vince Pizzica, Zareh Nalbandian (Author)
Abstract 30 | 899-PDF-v12n1pp1-18 Downloads 17

Page 1-18


Fusion-Based 2.5D Face Recognition System

Min-Er Teo, Lee-Ying Chong, Siew-Chin Chong (Author)
Abstract 52 | 770-PDF-v12n1pp19-38 Downloads 8

Page 19-38

A Systematic Literature Review on the Role of Big Data in IoT Security

Muna Muhammad, Sibghat Ullah Bazai, Shafi Ullah, Syed Ali Asghar Shah, Saad Aslam, Angela Amphawan, Tse-Kian Neo (Author)
Abstract 69 | 783-PDF-v12n1pp39-64 Downloads 10

Page 39-64

Incidents and Impacts on Operator Revenue in the Telecommunications Sector

Ernest Marfo Asiedu (Author)
Abstract 87 | 852-PDF-v12n1pp65-93 Downloads 9

Page 65-93

Book Review

Charles Todd and the Overland Telegraph Line

Jim Holmes (Author)
Abstract 31 | 926-PDF-v12n1pp94-99 Downloads 14

Page 94-99

History of Telecommunications

The Australian East-West Radio Relay System Revisited

Simon Moorhead (Author)
Abstract 37 | 927-PDF-v12n1pp100-108 Downloads 18

Page 100-108

The East-West Microwave Radio Relay System – Recollections

Graham Shepherd (Author)
Abstract 34 | 944-PDF-v12n1pp109-111 Downloads 4

Page 109-111

Special Issue: Emerging Technologies and Innovation for Digital Economy and Transformation

Editorial: Emerging Technologies and Innovation for Digital Economy and Transformation

Rim Jallouli, Mohamed Anis Bach Tobji, Ana Maria Soares, Beatriz Casais, Meriam Belkhir (Author)
Abstract 137 | 945-PDF-v12n1pp113-123 Downloads 22

Page 113-123

Value Co-creation in a Digitalised and Dematerialised World

Philipp Herrmann, Tim Hädicke, Friedrich Hoge (Author)
Abstract 85 | 812-PDF-v12n1pp124-147 Downloads 9

Page 124-147

Technology Transformation, Innovation, and Digital Economy Development in Developing Countries

Dekeng Setyo Budiarto, Norraini Nordin (Author)
Abstract 107 | 802-PDF-v12n1pp148-171 Downloads 10

Page 148-171

ICT as a Determinant of Happiness

Bilal Mehmood, Ajmal Hussain (Author)
Abstract 87 | 817-PDF-v12n1pp196-221 Downloads 14

Page 196-221

Addressing Digital Transformation in Universities

Vincenzo Maltese (Author)
Abstract 79 | 808-PDF-v12n1pp242-260 Downloads 10

Page 242-260

Barriers to Digital Transformation

Houda Mahboub, Hicham Sadok (Author)
Abstract 66 | 814-PDF-v12n1pp261-277 Downloads 9

Page 261-277

Influence of ICT and Household Assets in the Penetration of Digital Economy in Mexico

Javier G. Rodríguez Ruiz, Carmen E. Rodríguez Armenta, Eduardo G. Rosas González (Author)
Abstract 99 | 876-PDF-v12n1pp278-304 Downloads 15

Page 278-304

Blockchain Technology Adoption Through the UTAUT Model

Leila Ennajeh, Tharwa Najjar (Author)
Abstract 128 | 873-PDF-v12n1pp328-355 Downloads 8

Page 328-355

Perception of Gen Z Customers towards Chatbots as Service Agents

Sushant Saklani, Devkant Kala (Author)
Abstract 217 | 781-PDF-v12n1pp356-376 Downloads 10

Page 356-376

Impact of Technology-Enabled Personalization on the Adoption of Mobile Banking

Moetez Khemiri, Rim Jallouli (Author)
Abstract 47 | 891-PDF-v12n1pp377-404 Downloads 8

Page 377-404

Determinant Factors of Islamic Financial Technology Acceptance

Rita Rahayu, Syahril Ali, Raudhatul Hidayah, Sinta Nabila (Author)
Abstract 62 | 790-PDF-v12n1pp405-426 Downloads 14

Page 405-426

Enhancing IoT Security: Proactive Phishing Website Detection Using Deep Neural Networks

Habiba Bouijij, Amine Berqia (Author)
Abstract 84 | 822-PDF-v12n1pp446-462 Downloads 15

Page 446-462

Implementation of a Cross-Platform Development Board for Embedded Internet-of-Things Systems

Jorge Enrique Herrera Rubio, Steven Antonio Florez Prieto (Author)
Abstract 49 | 828-PDF-v12n1pp463-485 Downloads 9

Page 463-485

Natural Language Processing for Detecting Brand Hate Speech

Latifa Mednini, Zouhaira Noubigh, Mouna Damak Turki (Author)
Abstract 197 | 859-PDF-v12n1pp486-509 Downloads 15

Page 486-509

Clustering Social Media Data for Marketing Strategies

Malek Chebil, Rim Jallouli , Mohamed Anis Bach Tobji (Author)
Abstract 83 | 889-PDF-v12n1pp510-537 Downloads 9

Page 510-537

Marketing Strategy and Artificial Intelligence

Hasna Koubaa El Euch, Foued Ben Said (Author)
Abstract 113 | 887-PDF-v12n1pp538-574 Downloads 9

Page 538-574

An Empirical Study of the Impact of Social Media Data Analytics on Marketing Strategy

Teissir Benslama, Rim Jallouli (Author)
Abstract 66 | 830-PDF-v12n1pp575-594 Downloads 8

Page 575-594

Bitcoin is an Environmental Disaster. Is the Indictment Distorted?

Thabo J. Gopane (Author)
Abstract 48 | 888-PDF-v12n1pp595-611 Downloads 8

Page 595-611

A Novel AutoCNN Model for Stock Market Index Prediction

Zakia Zouaghia, Zahra Kodia, Lamjed Ben Said (Author)
Abstract 86 | 843-PDF-v12n1pp612-636 Downloads 7

Page 612-636

Development of Digital Financial Inclusion in China's Regional Economy: Evidence from Panel Threshold Models

Amal Ben Abdallah, Hamdi Becha, Maha Kalai, Kamel Helali (Author)
Abstract 52 | 838-PDF-v12n1pp637-656 Downloads 9

Page 637-656

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