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The Journal of Telecommunications and the Digital Economy (JTDE) is an international, high quality, peer reviewed journal, indexed by Scopus and Google Scholar, covering innovative research and practice in Telecommunications, Digital Economy and Applications. The mission of JTDE is to further through publication the objective of advancing learning, knowledge and research worldwide.
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The March 2023 issue of the Journal of Telecommunications and the Digital Economy is now available on the JTDE website.  There are several important papers, including the Charles Todd Oration by the Australian Minister for Communications.  TelSoc members may wish to wait until the Journal is available on the TelSoc website.

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The December 2022 issue, vol. 10, no. 4, is now fully published. All papers have been available here since December and on the TelSoc main website.  TelSoc members have access without charge to all content on TelSoc site.


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Current Issue

Vol. 11 No. 3 (2023)

Published: 2023-09-30

The third issue of the Journal of Telecommunications and the Digital Economy for 2023, published in September 2023.  This issue contains 11 papers.

All papers are peer reviewed and a similarity score search is used to ensure the papers are suitable for publication. Papers are now published continuously. There are four issues per year.



Leith H. Campbell (Author)
Abstract 77 | 809-PDF-v11n3ppiii-vii Downloads 25

Page iii-vii

Digital Economy

Proposal of a Measurement Scale and Test of the Impacts on Purchase and Revisit Intention

Salma Ayari, Imène Ben Yahia (Author)
Abstract 105 | 657-PDF-v11n3pp1-18 Downloads 27

Page 1-18

Blockchain Technology for Tourism Post COVID-19

Mohd Norman Bin Bakri, Han Foon Neo, Chuan-Chin Teo (Author)
Abstract 71 | 764-PDF-v11n3pp42-67 Downloads 22

Page 42-67


Building a Fortress Against Fake News

Nafiz Fahad, Kah Ong Michael Goh, Md. Ismail Hossen, Connie Tee, Md. Asraf Ali (Author)
Abstract 288 | 765-PDF-v11n3pp68-83 Downloads 17

Page 68-83

Language Independent Models for COVID-19 Fake News Detection

W. K. Wong, Filbert H. Juwono, Ing Ming Chew, Basil Andy Lease (Author)
Abstract 141 | 789-PDF-v11n3pp84-104 Downloads 18

Page 84-104

Phishing Message Detection Based on Keyword Matching

Keng-Theen Tham, Kok-Why Ng, Su-Cheng Haw (Author)
Abstract 184 | 776-PDF-v11n3pp105-119 Downloads 22

Page 105-119

Improving Phishing Email Detection Using the Hybrid Machine Learning Approach

Naveen Palanichamy, Yoga Shri Murti (Author)
Abstract 89 | 778-PDF-v11n3pp120-142 Downloads 16

Page 120-142

Big Data Analytics in Tracking COVID-19 Spread Utilizing Google Location Data

Yaw Mei Wyin, Prajindra Sankar Krishnan, Chen Chai Phing, Tiong Sieh Kiong (Author)
Abstract 57 | 771-PDF-v11n3pp143-162 Downloads 19

Page 143-162

Utilizing Mobility Tracking to Identify Hotspots for Contagious Disease Spread

Yaw Mei Wyin, Prajindra Sankar Krishnan, Chen Chai Phing, Tiong Sieh Kiong (Author)
Abstract 57 | 775-PDF-v11n3pp163-179 Downloads 19

Page 163-179

Customer Churn Prediction through Attribute Selection Analysis and Support Vector Machine

Jia Yi Vivian Quek, Ying Han Pang, Zheng You Lim, Shih Yin Ooi, Wee How Khoh (Author)
Abstract 139 | 777-PDF-v11n3pp180-194 Downloads 17

Page 180-194


Harry S. Wragge AM (1929-2023)

Peter Gerrand (Author)
Abstract 64 | 787-PDF-v11n3pp195-211 Downloads 32

Page 195-211

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