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The Journal of Telecommunications and the Digital Economy (JTDE) is an international, high quality, peer reviewed journal, indexed by Scopus and Google Scholar, covering innovative research and practice in Telecommunications, Digital Economy and Applications. The mission of JTDE is to further through publication the objective of advancing learning, knowledge and research worldwide.
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The June issue is now fully available on both the JTDE and TelSoc websites.

It contains a Special Issue section on Digital Technologies and Innovation containing twelve papers and an Editorial by the Guest Editors.  We greatly appreciate the work of the Guest Editors, Rim Jallouli, Mohamed Anis Bach Tobji, Gunnar Piho and Hamid Mcheick, in assembling this Special Issue section.

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The full content of the Special Issue section on Digital Technologies and Innovation is now available on the JTDE website.  Twelve papers have been accepted for publication, together with an Editorial by the Guest Editors.  We greatly appreciate the work of the Guest Editors, Rim Jallouli, Mohamed Anis Bach Tobji, Gunnar Piho and Hamid Mcheick, in assembling this Special Issue.

The complete June issue of the Journal will be available shortly.  TelSoc members will be able to access the full content for free on the TelSoc website from early July.

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Prospective authors are invited to submit papers to the Journal of Telecommunications and the Digital Economy for a special issue on Women’s Participation in the Digital Economy and Digital Society. 

Important Dates:
Manuscript submission: January 31, 2023
Acceptance notification: March 15, 2023
Revised manuscript due: April 15, 2023
Publication: In JTDE, volume 11, issue 2, June 2023

See the full announcement for further details.

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The March 2022 issue, vol. 10, no. 1, is now fully published. All papers are available here and soon on the TelSoc main website.

The issue includes a special interest paper on Low Earth Orbit Satellites and OneWeb's plans, 2 papers on Public Policy related to a report on Agri-Tech, 3 papers on Telecommunications, a obituary, and an historical reprint.

The Journal is ranked Q2 by SCImago (using Scopus data).  Contributions on telecommunications and the digital economy are welcome.

We welcome feedback on this issue.

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Current Issue

Vol. 10 No. 2 (2022)

Published: 2022-06-10

The second issue of the Journal of Telecommunications and the Digital Economy for 2022, published in June 2022.

This issue contains a special section on Digital Technologies and Innovation, with a guest editorial by Rim Jallouli, Mohamed Anis Bach Tobji, Gunnar Piho and Hamid Mcheick.

All papers are peer reviewed and a similarity score search is used to ensure the papers are suitable for publication. Papers are now published continuously. There are four issues per year.


Editorial: Special Issues

Leith H. Campbell (Author)
Abstract 15 | 596-PDF-v10n2ppiv-v Downloads 1

Page iv-v

Special Issue: Digital Technologies and Innovation

Guest Editorial: Digital Technologies and Innovation

Rim Jallouli, Mohamed Anis Bach Tobji, Gunnar Piho, Hamid Mcheick (Author)
Abstract 64 | 590-PDF-v10n2pp1-5 Downloads 15

Page 1-5

How to Manage Companies in the Digital Age

Olga Stoianova, Tatiana Lezina, Victoriia Ivanova (Author)
Abstract 78 | 498-PDF-v10n2pp6-25 Downloads 2

Page 6-25

Does National Diversity Impact Conflict in Global Virtual Teams? The Role of Language Factors

Ana Maria Soares, Robert Stephens, Longzhu Dong (Author)
Abstract 54 | 496-PDF-v10n2pp26-43 Downloads 4

Page 26-43

Enhancing Decision-Making Consistency in Business Process using a Rule-Based Approach

Riadh Ghlala, Zahra Kodia, Lamjed Ben Said (Author)
Abstract 71 | 539-PDF-v10n2pp44-61 Downloads 2

Page 44-61

A Secure Attendance System using Raspberry Pi Face Recognition

Rhouma Bin Hamed, Tarek Fatnassi (Author)
Abstract 49 | 530-PDF-v10n2pp62-75 Downloads 1

Page 62-75

Effective Optimization of Billboard Ads Based on CDR Data Leverage

Imed Eddine Semassel, Sadok Ben Yahia (Author)
Abstract 117 | 527-PDF-v10n2pp76-95 Downloads 1

Page 76-95

Social Media Data Analytics for Marketing Strategies

Teissir Benslama, Rim Jallouli (Author)
Abstract 83 | 523-PDF-v10n2pp96-110 Downloads 4

Page 96-110

Measuring E-Browsing Behaviour and Testing its Impact on Online Immersion

Salma Ayari, Imène Ben Yahia , Mohsen Debabi (Author)
Abstract 42 | 546-PDF-v10n2pp111-125 Downloads 1

Page 111-125

Measuring Overall Customer Experience in a Hospitality Collaborative Consumption Context

Marta Mas Machuca, Soumaya Cheikhrouhou, Deny Bélisle, Frederic Marimon (Author)
Abstract 60 | 504-PDF-v10n2pp126-146 Downloads 5

Page 126-146

Does Humour Enhance Facebook Users’ Responses?

Fatma Smaoui, Fatma Choura, Mohamed Wassim Abassi, Hela Zouaoui (Author)
Abstract 100 | 509-PDF-v10n2pp147-172 Downloads 4

Page 147-172

Technology-enabled Personalization for Mobile Banking Services

Moetez Khemiri, Rim Jallouli (Author)
Abstract 74 | 545-PDF-v10n2pp173-194 Downloads 4

Page 173-194

Volatility Behaviour of Bitcoin as a Digital Asset

Thabo J. Gopane (Author)
Abstract 61 | 510-PDF-v10n2pp195-213 Downloads 2

Page 195-213

Special Interest Paper

University Students’ Engagement with Devices and Technology

Lucy Cradduck, Mark A. Gregory, Leith H. Campbell (Author)
Abstract 46 | 594-PDF-v10n2pp236-266 Downloads 1

Page 236-266

Public Policy


Study on Fixed and Dynamic Spectrum Access Models for Cellular Networks

Muhammad Sheharyar, Alamgir Naushad, Imran Khan, Muhammad Abid Hussain, Faizullah Khan Kakar (Author)
Abstract 55 | 395-PDF-v10n2pp267-287 Downloads 3

Page 267-287


John Nils Almgren (1930–2021)

Peter Gerrand (Author)
Abstract 21 | 587-PDF-v10n2pp288-296 Downloads 13

Page 288-296

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