Published: 2020-09-20

The third issue of the Journal of Telecommunications and the Digital Economy for 2020. All papers are peer reviewed and a similarity score search is used to ensure the papers are suitable for publication. Papers are now published continuously.


The Future of Telecommunications is Open Source

Mark A Gregory (Author)
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Public Policy

The NBN Futures Forum: Social and Economic Benefits of Broadband for Digital Inclusion and Telehealth

Leith H Campbell, Anthony C. Smith, Peter Brooks (Author)
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Page 18-32

Digital Economy & Society

Pricing in Abundance

John De Ridder (Author)
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Page 33-43

History of Telecommunications

Elizabeth (Liz) Dyneley Fell, 1940-2020

Peter Gerrand (Author)
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Page 1-4

Malcolm Turnbull — A Feisty Interview with the Shadow Minister

Simon Moorhead (Author)
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A Compact 38 GHz millimeter Wave MIMO Antenna Array for 5G Mobile Systems

Ashraf Tahat, Bandar Ersan, Laith Al-Muhesen, Zaid Shakhshir, Talal A.Edwan (Author)
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Page 44-59

Over-The-Top Media in Digital Economy and Society 5.0

Tasya Safiranita Ramli, Ahmad M Ramli, Huala Adolf, Eddy Damian, Miranda Risang Ayu Palar (Author)
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Page 60-67

Energy-Efficient Topology to Enhance the Wireless Sensor Network Lifetime Using Connectivity Control

Meysam Yari, Parham Hadikhani, Zohreh Asgharzadeh (Author)
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Page 68-84