Published: 2022-12-28

The fourth issue of the Journal of Telecommunications and the Digital Economy for 2022, published in December 2022.

All papers are peer reviewed and a similarity score search is used to ensure the papers are suitable for publication. Papers are now published continuously. There are four issues per year.


Editorial: Building Trust in the Digital Economy

Leith H. Campbell (Author)
Abstract 165 | 661-PDF-v10n4ppiii-vi Downloads 10 | DOI

Page iii-vi

Public Policy

Towards an Australian Digital Communications Strategy

Michael Alexander de Percy, Leith Campbell, Nitya Reddy (Author)
Abstract 311 | 650-PDF-v10n4pp1-23 Downloads 25 | DOI

Page 1-23

Preserving Transparency and Integrity of Elections Utilising Blockchain Technology

Abdallah Al-Zoubi, Mamoun Aldmour, Rakan Aldmour (Author)
Abstract 332 | 626-PDF-v10n4pp24-40 Downloads 10 | DOI

Page 24-40

Digital Economy & Society

Perceived Risk, Structural Assurance and Trust in Mobile Payments

Afef Sahli Sassi, Hanéne Hammami, Hajer Ben Lallouna Hafsia (Author)
Abstract 553 | 619-PDF-v10n4pp41-56 Downloads 14 | DOI

Page 41-56


Towards Optimization of Patients’ Turnaround Time using Bluetooth Low Energy Based Solutions

Ganes Raj Muthu Arumugam, Saravanan Muthaiyah, Thein Oak Kyaw Zaw (Author)
Abstract 178 | 615-PDF-v10n4pp57-71 Downloads 6 | DOI

Page 57-71

A Proposal for Dynamic and Secure Authentication in IoT Architectures Based on SDN

Younes Abbassi, Hicham Toumi, El Habib Ben Lahmar (Author)
Abstract 314 | 564-PDF-v10n4pp72-93 Downloads 10 | DOI

Page 72-93

Book Review

A History of Reshaping Australian Telecommunications

Judith Brett (Author)
Abstract 154 | 645-PDF-v10n4pp94-97 Downloads 10 | DOI

Page 94-97


David Piltz is Awarded the 2022 Charles Todd Medal

Peter Gerrand, David Piltz (Author)
Abstract 154 | 648-PDF-v10n4pp98-102 Downloads 7 | DOI

Page 98-102

History of Telecommunications

Marconi Wireless Telegraphy Trialled in Australia

Simon Moorhead (Author)
Abstract 162 | 652-PDF-v10n4pp103-111 Downloads 6 | DOI

Page 103-111