Published: 2023-12-27

The fourth issue of the Journal of Telecommunications and the Digital Economy for 2023, published in December 2023.  This issue contains the Charles Todd Oration 2023 as a paper of Special Interest.

All papers are peer reviewed and a similarity score search is used to ensure the papers are suitable for publication. Papers are now published continuously. There are four issues per year.




Leith H Campbell (Author)
Abstract 227 | 914-PDF-v11n4ppiv-viii Downloads 20 | DOI

Page iv-viii

Special Interest

Public Policy

Rebalancing Regulation in an Era of Distrust

Cynthia Gebert (Author)
Abstract 242 | 900-PDF-v11n4pp137-149 Downloads 30 | DOI

Page 137-149

Digital Economy

Effect of Exchange Rates and Information and Communication Technology on Indonesia’s Economic Growth

Wali Aya Rumbia, Asrul Jabani, Pasrun Adam, Bakhtiar Abbas, Muh Nur, Yuwanda Purnamasari Pasrun (Author)
Abstract 248 | 743-PDF-v11n4pp13-32 Downloads 21 | DOI

Page 13-32

Strategies and Challenges of Unified Payment Interface

Athul Kuriakose, P. B. Sajoy (Author)
Abstract 443 | 651-PDF-v11n4pp33-47 Downloads 26 | DOI

Page 33-47


Secure Data Sharing in a Cyber-Physical Cloud Environment

Jun-Wen Chan, Swee-Huay Heng, Syh-Yuan Tan (Author)
Abstract 290 | 772-PDF-v11n4pp94-112 Downloads 13 | DOI

Page 94-112

CNN-based Occluded Person Re-identification in a Multi Camera Environment

Ali Imran Bin Shahrin, Ts Dr Noramiza Binti Hashim (Author)
Abstract 281 | 773-PDF-v11n4pp113-130 Downloads 12 | DOI

Page 113-130

Interview with Teresa Corbin

Teresa Corbin, Robert Morsillo (Author)
Abstract 271 | 908-PDF-v11n4pp131-136 Downloads 13 | DOI

Page 131-136



Vale John Burke (1942–2023)

Jim Holmes (Author)
Abstract 210 | 913-PDF-v11n4pp199-211 Downloads 21 | DOI

Page 199-211