Published: 2022-06-10

The second issue of the Journal of Telecommunications and the Digital Economy for 2022, published in June 2022.

This issue contains a special section on Digital Technologies and Innovation, with a guest editorial by Rim Jallouli, Mohamed Anis Bach Tobji, Gunnar Piho and Hamid Mcheick.

All papers are peer reviewed and a similarity score search is used to ensure the papers are suitable for publication. Papers are now published continuously. There are four issues per year.


Editorial: Special Issues

Leith H. Campbell (Author)
Abstract 59 | 596-PDF-v10n2ppiv-v Downloads 12 | DOI

Page iv-v

Special Issue: Digital Technologies and Innovation

Guest Editorial: Digital Technologies and Innovation

Rim Jallouli, Mohamed Anis Bach Tobji, Gunnar Piho, Hamid Mcheick (Author)
Abstract 123 | 590-PDF-v10n2pp1-5 Downloads 26 | DOI

Page 1-5

How to Manage Companies in the Digital Age

Olga Stoianova, Tatiana Lezina, Victoriia Ivanova (Author)
Abstract 179 | 498-PDF-v10n2pp6-25 Downloads 13 | DOI

Page 6-25

A Secure Attendance System using Raspberry Pi Face Recognition

Rhouma Bin Hamed, Tarek Fatnassi (Author)
Abstract 129 | 530-PDF-v10n2pp62-75 Downloads 7 | DOI

Page 62-75

Effective Optimization of Billboard Ads Based on CDR Data Leverage

Imed Eddine Semassel, Sadok Ben Yahia (Author)
Abstract 293 | 527-PDF-v10n2pp76-95 Downloads 5 | DOI

Page 76-95

Social Media Data Analytics for Marketing Strategies

Teissir Benslama, Rim Jallouli (Author)
Abstract 253 | 523-PDF-v10n2pp96-110 Downloads 9 | DOI

Page 96-110

Measuring E-Browsing Behaviour and Testing its Impact on Online Immersion

Salma Ayari, Imène Ben Yahia , Mohsen Debabi (Author)
Abstract 103 | 546-PDF-v10n2pp111-125 Downloads 5 | DOI

Page 111-125

Measuring Overall Customer Experience in a Hospitality Collaborative Consumption Context

Marta Mas Machuca, Soumaya Cheikhrouhou, Deny Bélisle, Frederic Marimon (Author)
Abstract 126 | 504-PDF-v10n2pp126-146 Downloads 9 | DOI

Page 126-146

Does Humour Enhance Facebook Users’ Responses?

Fatma Smaoui, Fatma Choura, Mohamed Wassim Abassi, Hela Zouaoui (Author)
Abstract 187 | 509-PDF-v10n2pp147-172 Downloads 10 | DOI

Page 147-172

Technology-enabled Personalization for Mobile Banking Services

Moetez Khemiri, Rim Jallouli (Author)
Abstract 251 | 545-PDF-v10n2pp173-194 Downloads 8 | DOI

Page 173-194

Special Interest Paper

University Students’ Engagement with Devices and Technology

Lucy Cradduck, Mark A. Gregory, Leith H. Campbell (Author)
Abstract 143 | 594-PDF-v10n2pp236-266 Downloads 7 | DOI

Page 236-266

Public Policy


Study on Fixed and Dynamic Spectrum Access Models for Cellular Networks

Muhammad Sheharyar, Alamgir Naushad, Imran Khan, Muhammad Abid Hussain, Faizullah Khan Kakar (Author)
Abstract 138 | 395-PDF-v10n2pp267-287 Downloads 12 | DOI

Page 267-287


John Nils Almgren (1930–2021)

Peter Gerrand (Author)
Abstract 75 | 587-PDF-v10n2pp288-296 Downloads 18 | DOI

Page 288-296