Published: 2022-09-21

The third issue of the Journal of Telecommunications and the Digital Economy for 2022, published in September 2022.

All papers are peer reviewed and a similarity score search is used to ensure the papers are suitable for publication. Papers are now published continuously. There are four issues per year.


Editorial: The Digital Economy and Cyber Security

Leith H. Campbell (Author)
Abstract 254 | 631-PDF-v10n3ppiii-vi Downloads 27 | DOI

Page iii-vi

Public Policy

The Broadband Futures Forum: Regional Connectivity and Shared Infrastructure in NSW and New Zealand

Peter Adams, Steve Inglis, John Proctor (Author)
Abstract 155 | 616-PDF-v10n3pp1-13 Downloads 24 | DOI

Page 1-13

Digital Economy

Exploring the Link Between Cashless Society and Cybercrime in Indonesia

Kemal Farouq Mauladi, I Made Laut Mertha Jaya, Miguel Angel Esquivias (Author)
Abstract 787 | 533-PDF-v10n3pp58-76 Downloads 17 | DOI

Page 58-76

Technology Acceptance Model (TAM): A Bibliometric Analysis from Inception

Swati Gupta, Alhamzah Fadhil Abbas, Rajeev Srivastava (Author)
Abstract 731 | 598-PDF-v10n3pp77-106 Downloads 16 | DOI

Page 77-106

Digital Marketing Strategies Driven by Wellbeing in Virtual Communities

Zeineb Ayachi, Rim Jallouli (Author)
Abstract 539 | 612-PDF-v10n3pp107-127 Downloads 23 | DOI

Page 107-127

Supporting Logistics Management to Anticipate Covid 19 Using the “Retail Direct Order” Concept

Purwadi Purwadi, Syaharuddin Y., Zainal Ilmi, Alexander Sampeliling (Author)
Abstract 264 | 519-PDF-v10n3pp128-148 Downloads 10 | DOI

Page 128-148

Mapping Top Strategic E-commerce Technologies in the Digital Marketing Literature

Rim Jallouli, Safa Kaabi (Author)
Abstract 481 | 554-PDF-v10n3pp149-164 Downloads 18 | DOI

Page 149-164


Denial-of-Sleep Attack Detection in NB-IoT Using Deep Learning

Tahani Bani-Yaseen, Ashraf Tahat, Kira Kastell, Talal A. Edwan (Author)
Abstract 363 | 532-PDF-v10n3pp14-38 Downloads 14 | DOI

Page 14-38

Latency Analysis for Mobile Cellular Network uRLLC Services

Bin Liang, Mark A Gregory, Shuo Li (Author)
Abstract 254 | 447-PDF-v10n3pp39-57 Downloads 8 | DOI

Page 39-57


Percy Rollo Brett OBE (1923–2022)

James K. Richardson (Author)
Abstract 120 | 628-PDF-v10n3pp165-170 Downloads 21 | DOI

Page 165-170