Published: 2019-05-23

The second issue of the Journal of Telecommunications and the Digital Economy for 2019. All papers are peer reviewed and a similarity score search is used to ensure the papers are suitable for publication. Papers are now published continuously.


A Forum on the Future of Australia’s NBN

Mark A Gregory (Author)
Abstract 389 | 196-PDF-v7n2ppii-v Downloads 18 | DOI

Page ii-v

Public Policy

New Zealand Consumer Interest Growing for 5G Mobile

Nigel Pugh (Author)
Abstract 402 | 193-PDF-v7n2pp92-101 Downloads 22 | DOI

Page 92-101

Measuring Digital Inequality in Australia: the Australian Digital Inclusion Index

Chris K Wilson, Julian Thomas, Jo Barraket (Author)
Abstract 2511 | 187-PDF-v7n2pp102-120 Downloads 30 | DOI

Page 102-120


A Cluster-Driven Energy Routing Protocol for Optimal Network Lifetime in Ad Hoc Networks

David Airehrour, Marianne Cherrington, Samaneh Madanian (Author)
Abstract 302 | 183-PDF-v7n2pp16-30 Downloads 26 | DOI

Page 16-30

Implementation of RF Band-Pass Filter on UMTS Systems to Improve Quality of Service

Nyoman Gunantara, Made Adi Surya Antara, NMAE Dewi Wirastuti (Author)
Abstract 372 | 179-PDF-v7n2pp31-49 Downloads 17 | DOI

Page 31-49

Energy-Efficient Network Protocols for Domestic IoT Application Design

Chrispin Alfred Gray, Leith Campbell, Robert Ayre, Kerry Hinton (Author)
Abstract 257 | 184-PDF-v7n2pp50-73 Downloads 19 | DOI

Page 50-73

Dynamic Vehicular Traffic Load: Definition and Quantification

Gerald Ostermayer, Christian Backfrieder, Manuel Lindorfer (Author)
Abstract 226 | 191-PDF-v7n2pp74-91 Downloads 16 | DOI

Page 74-91

History of Telecommunications

The Australian Mail Handling Scene

Simon Moorhead (Author)
Abstract 285 | 188-PDF-v7n2pp1-15 Downloads 18 | DOI

Page 1-15