Published: 2023-06-28

The second issue of the Journal of Telecommunications and the Digital Economy for 2023, published in June 2023.  There is a Special Issue section on Women’s Participation in the Digital Economy and Digital Society.

All papers are peer reviewed and a similarity score search is used to ensure the papers are suitable for publication. Papers are now published continuously. There are four issues per year.



Leith H. Campbell (Author)
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Special Issue: Women’s Participation in the Digital Economy and Digital Society

Guest Editorial

Barbara Pisker, Hareesh N Ramanathan, Željko Pavić, Johanna Plante (Author)
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Vicki Brady (Author)
Abstract 52 | 755-PDF-v11n2pp6-7 Downloads 6 | DOI

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Gender Bias in Artificial Intelligence

Rosileine Mendonça de Lima, Barbara Pisker, Victor Silva Corrêa (Author)
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Page 8-30

"Is It Okay That She is a Woman?"

Nadezhda Kazarinova , Alexey Kolianov, Elena Strogetskaya, Yulia Filippova (Author)
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Page 31-43

Not a Toy for Boys Only

Anita Dremel (Author)
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Being Digitally Savvy

Melissa Tsafkas (Author)
Abstract 124 | 697-PDF-v11n2pp60-76 Downloads 6 | DOI

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Conditions Affecting the Perspective Towards the “Work-From-Home” Setup

Kesley Guino-o, Daryll Candice Canada, Rachell Anne T. Capaning, Jilianne Kyle Monteclaro, Roxen Janna A. Cadavos, Ana Leah Dungog-Cuizon (Author)
Abstract 189 | 680-PDF-v11n2pp99-117 Downloads 14 | DOI

Page 99-117

Financial Literacy, Digital Financial Literacy and Women’s Economic Empowerment

Rita Rahayu, Verni Juita, Annisaa Rahman (Author)
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Page 118-138

Non-Obvious Connections Between Information Literacy and Online Payments

Ivana Bestvina Bukvić, Ivana Đurđević Babić (Author)
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Page 139-150

Evaluating the Important Role of Women in Maintaining the Sustainability of SMEs

Dekeng Setyo Budiarto, Muhammad Agung Prabowo, Norhidayah Binti Azman (Author)
Abstract 109 | 664-PDF-v11n2pp180-193 Downloads 6 | DOI

Page 180-193

E-wallet and Women in India

Pearly Saira Chacko, Frank Hycinth, Hareesh N Ramanathan (Author)
Abstract 126 | 701-PDF-v11n2pp194-211 Downloads 5 | DOI

Page 194-211


Media Activities and Telecommunications Consumers’ Awareness of Their Rights

Patrick Ene Okon, Chidumebi Ada Egbule, Stephen Regie Nyong, Eric Ogor Ogri (Author)
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George Edward Hams AM (1928–2023)

Steve Black (Author)
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